Historical Hall of Fame:  Wm. Jack Hranicky (b. ___) is a recognized leader among archaeologist in America with a specialized interest in the Paleo-Indian period.
Virginia History Series
Wm. Jack Hranicky is a retired government contractor who has been involved with archaeology as a full-time passion for over 40 years. His main interest is the Paleo-Indian period, but he has worked in all facets of American archaeology.
Mr. Hranicky taught anthropology at the Northern Virginia Community College and St Johns College, and has published over 200 papers and over 25 books about archaeology.
He has served as president of the Archeological Society of Virginia (ASV) and Eastern States Archeological Federation (ESAF), been past chairman of the Alexandria Archaeology Commission, and he is a charter member of the Registry of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). He runs the Virginia Rock Art Survey and the McCary Fluted Point Survey.
Hranicky did his undergraduate work at the Virginia Commonwealth University and graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma.  In 2010, Mr. Hranicky received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Authentic Artifact Collectors Association (AACA) [see photo at left].

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In 2011, Hranicky excavated the Spout Run site in Virginia
which is a paleo-calendar site and announced it as the oldest
above-ground site in North America.  His major Virginia
excavations are the Fout, Fisher, and Tanner sites. Hranicky
has participated in close to 50 other excavations.
Selected Publications (Rt):