Historical Hall of Fame:  A place of honor for those who have made significant contributions to the documentation/dissemination of Virginia's state history - Community Historians (A Listing with Counties Researched)
Virginia History Series 
Aaron, Larry G. Pittsylvania
Adams, Karen C. Dickenson
Addington, Robert M. Scott
Alderman, John P. Carroll
Alleman, Virginia Essex
Allen, Jody New Kent
Anderson, William Kyle King and Queen
Archer, William R. Bland
Ashby, Bernice H. Shanandoah
Atkins, George W. Kanawha
Austin, J. William Botetourt
Ayres, Margaret McNeill Charles City
Bagby, Alfred King and Queen
Baird, N. C. Fauquier
Baker, Nancy C. Dickenson
Baker, Nancy Young Buchanan
Baldwin, Brenda S. Buchanan, Dickerson
Barnhart, Nat G. Augusta
Baskerville, P. Hamilton Powhatan
Bell, Annie (Walker) Burns Prince George
Bell, J. P. Campbell
Bell, Landon Covington Charles Parish, Cumberland, Lunenburg, York 
Bell, Raymond Martin Cumberland
Berland, Kevin Charles City
Bickley, George W. L. Trazewell
Billings, Warren M. Virginia
Bitting, Samuel T. Albemarle
Bland, Larry I. Bland
Bland, Theodorick Bland
Blanton, Wyndham Bolring Cumberland
Blomquist, Ann Kicker Cumberland, Dinwiddie
Boddie, John Bennett Isle of Wight, Surry
Bogle, Parke Coleman Bland
Bonastia, Christpher Prince Edward
Booker, J. Motley Northumberland
Bowman, Owen Carroll
Bowman, Virginia McDaniel Williamson
Bracey, Susan L.  Mecklenburg
Brookman, William Everett Orange
Brown, Barbara Bedford
Brown, James Edgar Trazewell
Bruns, Jean Randolph Bath
Bryd, Colwell Patterson Accomack
Budford, rowland D. Bedford
Burgess, Mary King George
Burgess, Michael King George
Burns, Annie Walker Albemarle
Burrell, Charles Edward Prince Edward
Bushnell, David J. Bedford
Byron, Henry H. Essex
Campbell, Effie Shelton Bedford
Campbell, John Wilson Virginia
Campbell, Kimberly Curtis Caroline
Campbell, Shirley O'Neal Albemarle
Campbell, T. E.  Caroline
Carrington, Wirt Johnson Halifax
Carter, Peyton F. Amelia
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