Historical Hall of Fame:  Mary Mulligan Gunsalus, of Landstown MS, is Virginia's 2005 "History Teacher of the Year" recognized in the VDOE/Gilder - Lehrman National Competition
Virginia History Series
Mary M. Gunsalus was named Virginia’s 2005 History Teacher of the Year. At the time of her award, Ms. Gunsalus was a seventh-grade United States history teacher and social science facilitator at Landstown Middle School in Virginia Beach. She had been teaching for 27 years at the time of her award.
VA State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jo Lynne DeMary presented the award in a ceremony at the school. “An understanding of history is essential to active citizenship,” said Dr. DeMary. “Mary Gunsalus has prepared generations of students to become active and thoughtful citizens.” Ms. Gunsalus received a
$1,000 honorarium, a certificate of recognition, and a donation in her honor of history books and materials to the Landstown Middle School library.
“Ms. Gunsalus is an exceptionally talented and versatile educator who consistently achieves superior results while working with students,”said Landstown Middle School Principal Timothy R. Albert at the ceremony. Albert also said:  “She is always researching and finding new ways to help students understand how history shapes who we are today.” In 2004, more than ninety percent of Ms. Gunsalus’s students passed the United States History: 1877 to the Present Standards of Learning test, with nearly 30 percent of her students scoring at the advanced level.